March 23, 2020 podcast
Listen To EnquireLabs On The Honest Ecommerce Podcast

We recently dropped in on Chase Clymer's ecommerce podcast, Honest Ecommerce, to chat all things attribution and media diversification.

A few of the discussion points we tapped:

In this conversation, Chase and I discuss:

  • [1:01] Life before EnquireLabs
  • [2:12] What is attribution and its importance
  • [3:30] How do post-purchase surveys help online store owners?
  • [5:41] Interesting data points
  • [7:37] An upcoming EnquireLabs's report on attribution
  • [11:20] DIY post-purchase surveys vs EnquireLabs
  • [12:53] Enquire’s response clarification features
  • [13:29] Incentivizing users to complete a survey
  • [14:54] Diversifying your media

If you’re not already subscribed to Honest Ecommerce, be sure to give this episode a listen here.